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The Owner:​

Owner, Jessica Chapin began her career as a medical biller in 2002 working at a high level billing company that serviced top surgeons and medical practices from Los Angeles to Orange County.  She quickly moved up the ranks from filing, to data entry, and finally payments and collections.  She had extraordinary success in billing and collecting payments for high end surgeons like Dr. Brendan Carroll, Dr. Edward Phillips and many others over the 10 years she worked with this company.  After she saw the need for a billing service that was especially skilled and motivated to work hard, she created Miles of Benefits, a billing company that would be relentless in the pursuit of maximizing payment while operating at the highest professional and ethical standards.  

Our Mission

At Miles of Benefits, we are focused on one mission: Going the extra Mile for your Benefits in collecting the maximum payment for your practice as quickly as possible, while helping to alleviate costs and hassle for your organization. 


Our Clients:​

Each of our clients has an account manager that is especially familiar with your business.  The manager is held accountable for all aspects of your billing needs; while being able to provide knowledge and communicate to your office staff, insurance companies, and your patients.   


More Information:​

For Miles of Benefits Medical Billing,  branding “uniqueness” is the main ingredient for success as a business.  We set ourselves apart from the competition with our unrelenting drive to collect payments promptly and successfully win appeals for denied claims.  No one matches our tenacity when it comes to claims collections.  For further information about  Miles of Benefits Medical Billing, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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