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Miles of Benefits is always looking for the appropriate solution for your organization; from starting a new practice, finding the appropriate service to take over current billing, recouping all outstanding revunues that are owed to you, and directly working with patients for any billing needs.


Growing a New Practice

Setting up a new medical practice is a complex, difficult and lengthy process. Our services help you with all aspects of the billing and collection setup and process.

I am Not Satisfied with My Current Billing 

You are working harder but see no change in revenue. You know that your billing provider is not collecting all of the money owed to your practice. The money that is due sits on your reports instead of your bank account. Your current billing services are not providing you with your standard of collection and/or service.


I Have Old AR I want Paid


​We will focus exclusively on your AR which results in all the collectible money being recieved, without distrupting your current medical billing process. This requires no change to your staff, process or technology. 

I am a Patient & Need Help


​We have the knowledge to explain to you any out of pocket expenses that may be due prior to treatment, as well as submitting appeals to any services that were received and denied by your insurance carrier. 

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