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Miles of Benefits

Holistic Compensation
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Jessica Chapin began her career as a medical biller in 2002 working at a high level billing company that serviced top surgeons and medical practices from Los Angeles to Orange County.  She quickly moved up the ranks from filing, to data entry, and finally payments and collections.  She had extraordinary success billing and collecting payments for high end surgeons like Dr. Brendan Carroll, Dr. Edward Phillips and many others over the 10 years she worked with this company.  


Jessica decided to venture out into the next chapter of her life by starting her own business in 2012.  She found her own clients, expanded her knowledge and began working with chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy practices.   


Branding “uniqueness” is the main ingredient for success as a business owner.  Jessica sets herself apart from the competition with her unrelenting drive to successfully win appeals for denied claims.  No one matches her tenacity when it comes to recovering payments for such claims.    


Her personal experience with the home birth of her child, Miles, compelled her to submit a claim for her out of pocket expenses for that procedure.   Her “unique” style in dealing with the insurance company garnered her 100% reimbursement in the recovery of benefits due to her and her doulas.  


Miles of Benefits was born!


Jessica is committed to expanding her billing practice to include helping other moms, doulas and midwives recover their benefits for the natural home birth experience.  She currently lives in Hawthorne, California with her family and looks forward to helping you with your specialized billing needs.


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